There were no summer deluges and the fishing remained consistent.

For the first time in the company’s history, every single trip went as scheduled. There were no cancellations due to weather or high water.

It was a beautiful spring with the most timely and reliable hatches I’ve ever witnessed on the Rush and the Kinni.


March 2017 was different than previous years in that the Wisconsin C/R season was already open. Die hard trout anglers had been hitting the steams for 2 months. By the middle of March BWO’s were making their appearance and some nice fish were taken.

August and September combigned to create a water level roller coaster but paradoxically provided more consistent catching than the first 2 months of the season.imgp8275imgp8297our-guide-bob

Everything was going great until July 12 when double digit inches of rainfall inundated the headwaters of both the Mississippi and St.Croix Rivers. By the first of August the Croix was back in shape.John, 7:28Dani Bigelbach 6:8

May is always a spectacular time to fish the trout streams in the St.Croix Valley. As evidenced by a large population of 4-6 inch trout the Rush River is a year away from returning to it’s former greatness. The Kinni on the other hand continues to produce good numbers of modest sized naturally reproducing trout.Client Allisa J.IMG_1032

April was a cloudy and cold one but it didn’t stop the Caddis from making an early appearance.

For the first time ever the trout streams of Western Wisconsin were open to catch a release for the entire winter. Aside from a few diehards, most of us stayed home, tied flys, and watched football. After all, March is still the spiritual opener. As is the norm in March, there was none. I was sweating it out at 70 degrees one week and fishing through a winter storm warning the next. I ran into good midge hatches on the Kinni and great BWO hatches on the Rush. Despite rumors to the contrary, there are large fish around.IMG_0972

A remarkably consistent season came to a close with predicable catches of Bass and Musky.IMGP8142 IMG_0899