April 2011 Fishing Report

This April at times has been a continuation of the Winter that just will just not end. With that being said, I’ve seen some Blue Wing Olive mayfly hatches that I can only describe as being legendary. They have mostly occurred on those days when there is nothing else to do other than fish. You know, those cloudy days where the air temperature is in the mid-40’s with a mix of rain and even snow flakes. I found that both the Rush and the Kinni. had reliable hatches that started around noon and lasted until 4 or 5 PM. While there were no really large Trout landed, I found that the overall average size of fish in both rivers to be excellent.

Fishing the Rush this spring was like going to another planet. Last summer’s flood left the valley looking like a Tsunami wave pushed through. Many of the previous runs and hole were either rearranged or wiped out entirely. I have always loved the changing nature of Trout streams. As I write this, it’s raining big time and I suspect we’re in for some more high water through the final weekend of the early season. Remember, Wisconsin closes the Trout streams for the first week in May until the general fishing opener on Saturday May 7th.