April 2012 Fishing Report

March 2012 Trout Fishing ReportWow! You could pretty much leave it at that. April 2012 will go down as a month to remember. It was warm, the water levels were stable, the leaves were turning green, and the fishing was outstanding. It should come as no surprise that hatches of Blue Winged Olives and Caddis were two maybe even three weeks early. I caught both large numbers of fish, and lots of well, large fish. The only difficulty is the Blue Winged Olive Mayfly is not large. Despite the fact that a hatch is occurring and trout can be rising all around you, they can be awfully difficult to fool with conventional dry flys. I have spent years trying to figure out this hatch and have produced a variety of nonconventional flys that get the job done most of the time. Now, all that that leaves us with is presentation. The larger fish seem to have this uncanny ability to set up in feeding lanes that are difficult to cast into and even harder to maintain a good drift through. Perhaps this is why dry fly fishing for surface feeding trout is so incredibly rewarding. There is nothing in the world of fishing that is like watching a large trout open it’s mouth and eat the fly at  the end of your line.