April 2022

If you don’t think ┬áthe featured image appears to match the current year you’re correct, I borrowed it from from … Continued

August 2021

Continued low water and challenging conditions. Big fish were caught however.

July 2021 Lower water

Careful not to beach your boat. Both the Mississippi and St.Croix fished well in the month of July.

June 2021 Low Water

June of 2021 started with low water levels that got even lower. Both the St.Croix and Mississippi receded to almost … Continued

Summer 2020

We pulled it off.. albeit with with some modifications. Bike shuttles, mask compliance, buff wear, and distance maintenance were all … Continued

The Templeton

The unedited version of Greg Fitz’s article that made its way into the Fly Fish Journal…..A buddy of mine has … Continued

October 2011 Fishing Report

Somewhere in Wisconsin near the town of Solon Springs lies an innocuous little divide that separates two of the northland’s … Continued

September 2011 Fishing Report

A “detached” area of low pressure sitting over the state of Wisconsin that “retrogrades” every other day. Whatever that was … Continued