Do I get a Permit for this ?

If you’re seeing this for the first time , it is actually the second version of the story. My original essay apparently came dangerously close to violating my employers social media policy. I’m not sure where freedom of speech plays a role but let’s just say I’d rather be safe than sorry. Why the posting would have been of any interest to my employer is the prologue occurred at the hospital where I work. The general upshot is one most of us can probably relate to. I was acting in a supervisory role in a very difficult and stressful situation made worse my some idiot who falsely reported myself and the department I was managing to the CEO’S of the hospital. I had no recourse and was just told to bend over and take it. While being penetrated in posterior, ( metaphorically speaking) I decided that I deserved a Permit for my pain and suffering. It just so happens that one of my fishing partners occupies a position of some power in the hospital and was involved as well. In an attempt to alleviate some of my frustration he reminded me that we were going salt water fishing in a couple of weeks and it would all blow over. Yes it was true, we were scheduled for a week of flats fishing at Turneffe Atoll just off the coast of Belize. Having just suffered the most humiliating moment in my 25 year career I decided right then and there that Ka, Karma, or the Baby Jesus was definitely going to arrange for a Permit to swim within my casting range. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular fish, it is generally considered to be the most difficult species to catch on a fly rod, period. So it really came as no surprise that 2 hours into the first day of fishing a mini Permit with my name on it came into casting range. Sure it wasn’t the garbage can lid sized Permit we all think of, but the cast I made to get it was a game winning touchdown pass. As an extra bonus, I caught a second one later that week along with a satisfying amount of Bonefish. Sometimes the world just works the way it’s supposed to and you are karmicly compensated for past sufferings. Special thanks to Craig and Karen Hayes who run an absolute class operation, check them out at