June fishing report

Holy !@#$%^& !@#$. the last time we had a deluge like this Noah built himself a boat. With that being said, I recall two other June’s like this in the past twelve years. In other words it will not be the first time I’ve started my season fishing the St.Croix in July. If the truth be told it’s actually a blessing. All the years of skiing, climbing, biking, and rowing have taken it’s toll on my elbows as I’m currently trying to rehab my left elbow from what is known in the medical community as lateral epicondolitis.¬†However¬†I’m pretty sure it will be my constant companion for the remainder of the season. Fortunately for me I have the opportunity to guide some really important clients on my super secret family getaway on Rainy Lake Ontario while the rivers in the St. Croix Valley recede.