I was talking to a predominate Wisconsin shop owner/guide about the subject of maverick personalities and the attempts by guides, myself included, to create an image in order to attract and maintain a client base. His response was interesting, ” why does anyone need to manufacture a persona when it comes to this business, you just give them an honest days float with a good lunch and that should be enough.” As much as I respect the man behind this statement, I’m not sure I can buy into it. Take this summer for example, some of my clients like EMT who by all accounts can really cast, hires me 4-5 times a year and instead of just booking other local guides didn’t fish the Croix this year. Others reluctantly fished with other guides and made it very clear that they would have rather fished with me instead. How cool is this? The clients who hire us are generally very loyal. They like us for who we are, we’re not just the hired help who floats them down the river.  I take great comfort in this fact in what has otherwise been a rather depressing season.