My brand? Serious as a heart attack, most of the time

Real men of we salute you Mr fishing guide nurse dude….My friend Wayne asked me the other day just what my “brand”was? I had to admit It took some thinking. I guess I would start out by saying that if you’re going to do something, do it right. My guiding/business philosophy is based on both my career as a rock climber and an emergency room nurse. Both endeavors demand considerable attention to detail and the consequences of mistakes can be well, deadly. Guiding clients in the St.Croix Valley generally does not entail the risks or seriousness of the aforementioned activities but I pretend it still does. My commitment to providing a quality fishing experience is identical to the effort I put into providing excellent patient care in an emergency room setting. Staying alive in the high stakes game of rock climbing required the ability to effectively improvise when the best laid plans came unraveled. This skill is particularly handy on the river when on any given day a myriad of intangibles can manifest themselves. So, why then if your so flippin serious about this whole enterprise did you take a perfectly normal Clack- Craft drift boat and place a scowling shark mouth on the bow? Why not? Otherwise they all look the same. I strongly believe that you can run a class operation and simultaneously inject some creativity and, god forbid, humor into the equation. My lone criticism of the fly-fishing industry is that any attempt at irreverence/humor is tepid at best. Conversely, climbers are really good at making fun of themselves. Aside from getting some exercise and scaring yourself silly, rock climbing is basically about finding the most difficult way of going nowhere. I suppose it could be the climbing, but I have a feeling that two decades of emergency room work is really the culprit behind my alternative view of humanity and the activities we participate in. We humans are a funny species that are capable of creating some really strange mischief. Emergency room stories make for interesting drift boat conversation and I have a lot of them. ┬áSo what’s my brand again? An eclectic conglomerate of commitment to excellence mixed with a dash of irreverence sauteed in a spicy beer sauce of off beat humor.