October 2011 Fishing Report

Somewhere in Wisconsin near the town of Solon Springs lies an innocuous little divide that separates two of the northland’s great fisheries. Water that flows south makes up the St.Croix River drainage while water flowing north becomes the headwaters of the Brule River. Arguably the most famous river in Wisconsin, the Brule River is a diverse fishery with a rich history. The upper river is a legendary trout stream that provides anglers a unique opportunity to cast to large trout that feed on nocturnal hatching Mayflies. The lower river provides an opportunity to fish for migratory Rainbow Trout ( Steelhead ) that spend the summer in Lake Superior and move into the river come fall. For most of northland anglers the Brule River is no secret. The real secret is catching them consistently. While not a current offering from St.Croix Valley Adventures, it remains a great October option where I can recommend some excellent guides. There is nothing like battling one of these giants in a river that is only slightly larger than the trout streams featured in this website.