September fishing report

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I wish it could be September all summer long”. I suppose we could use a bit of rain but the cooler temps and stable water levels in the St.Croix Valley were a welcome reprieve. The Bass fishing on the St.Croix River has been nothing short of fantastic. Low flows kept all but the most shallow drafting boats off the river. As the water temperatures cool the Smallmouth Bass start a slow migration downstream towards deeper wintering holes. On the way however, they put on the feed bag and eat everything in sight in order to fuel a long winter of semi hibernation. The Trout fishing also picks up from a 2 hour AM feeding window to an all day affair that includes occasional hatches of Trico’s and Blue Winged Olive Mayflies. As much as I’d like to get another month of Trout fishing I agree with the season ending at this time. The fish need a break in order to spawn and produce the next generation free of angler disruption.