The Mighty Bighorn

We picked a good time to go to Montana because trout fishing was closed for the week in the St.Croix Valley. Wayne,Kevin,Tony, and I packed up a whole bunch of stuff including watercraft and started driving west. Our destination, The mighty Bighorn River. Eastern Montana’s Bighorn River is among the most famous trout streams on the planet. With that being said, it has it’s share of detractors, its too crowded, there are too many weeds, it’s all nymph fishing. All of the preceding statements can be true but it is a great place to catch a big trout. Just got back from five fun-packed days fishing with members of the inner circle. Everyday we managed to catch good numbers of fish using a variety of tactics. In honor of Kevin’s favorite spectator sport we each produced several ” hat tricks” where the object was to land a trout on a nymph, dry fly, and a streamer on any given day.