The Naked Man Channel of the St.Croix, be careful what you wish for.

Prologue, I lost the original manuscript for this story which was posted on my first web site. I can remember it like it was yesterday. This is for you Martin as I raise a glass of Liberty School Cabernet and propose a toast to you my friend, I hope you’re catching fish wherever you are………. I’m always amazed at how many clients will stop fishing, often in mid retrieve and pose the odd question,  so when do the naked women go canoeing by?  Never I reply, rural legend. It was Labor Day, sometime in the mid 2000’s when Martin and I were eating lunch, the boat nose into the shore thus restricting my view of the river behind me. Martin suddenly jumps up and exclaims hey! check this out, here comes some naked women. What, no way I say craning my neck to look back at the river. We watched in silence and mounting disbelief as several canoes of what certainly appeared to be naked humans came into view. Wait a minute I thought, they’re guys, and they look like me, complete with expanding waistlines and relocating hair. We watched in stunned horror as the disrobed tribe of man flesh beached their canoes and wondered aimlessly about on a sandbar just downstream from our boat. Reluctantly we continued our float and passed them without a word being said. At the time I successfully fought the urge to record this on film and I sure regret it. What a great photo it would have made. Epilogue, I don’t think Martin actually ever posed the question about naked women himself, It seemed we always had other things to talk about. He just happened to be in the boat when the legend of the naked man channel was born.