What the? It’s a fly in my beer

For most clients I prefer to provide the flys. I don’t charge any extra for them, they work great and nobody gets hurt trying to rescue that five dollar popper that accidentally gets stuck in a tree. The flys I tie are expendable. I basically use two different flys that are variations of time tested patterns so I can’t claim conceptual exclusivity on anything save for the names I gave them. One local guide proudly proclaims that he names his flys after strippers. Yeah whatever, I name my flys after colorful clients and fellow guides. The first fly is a popper that has gained quite a local following. It is a foam diver evolved from the famous Dahlberg Diver. I got the pattern from a local tier about a decade ago. I changed just about everything about it and the real secret is the balance created by some of the palmered materials. This thing just flat out fishes everything else on the St.Croix. I call it the Templeton, not for EB Whites Rat in “Charlottes Web” but for a very colorful client who has made the rounds in Wisconsin and Minnesota Bass fishing circles. When I tied this thing on JT’s line he immediately demanded that I take this expletive marsh-mellow headed thing off. Later he demanded to row the boat and gave me thirty minutes to catch a fish on it. Five minutes into that ultimatum the legend of the Templeton was born. The second fly that I use is called the Buster Poindexter minnow. It  has origins in Northeastern Wisconsin but I got a hold of it from a local Mississippi specialist. What really makes this fly interesting is it’s use of state of the art Enrico Puglisi materials. I tie a sinking version of this called the Mickey Schwepskie. In closing I’d like to emphasize that a hungry Smallmouth Bass will eat just about anything. The real skill is the cast that put the fly there in the first place.