St. Croix Valley Adventures - Guided Minnesota Fly Fishing Trips Along the St. Croix Valley.

Minnesota Muskie Fishing Trips from St. Croix Valley Adventures!
Wisconsin Bass Fishing Trips from St. Croix Valley Adventures!
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Guided Fishing Trips on the St. Croix River

Guided Muskie Fishing Trips

Oh yeah baby! It can happen, when it does you have joined a very exclusive club whose members have pulled off the most difficult feat in North American freshwater angling, catching a Musky with fly-fishing gear. Many of the individuals who belong to this fraternity caught that particular fish from a drift boat fishing a river in either Minnesota or Wisconsin. That’s right; the St.Croix is one of several rivers in the region that collectively constitute ground zero for this type of fishing...

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Guided Bass Fishing Trips

This has become a very popular activity in the past decade for a good reason. The St. Croix River is among the top Smallmouth Bass Rivers in the country and it is Minnesota’s only river with a "National Wild and Scenic" River designation. Together this makes for an unbeatable combination of scenery, wildlife and fishing all within a short distance of the Minneapolis and St. Paul area...

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Guided Trout Fishing Trips

Western Wisconsin has a number of small streams that either flow into the St.Croix River or occupy neighboring valleys. Two of the more well known are the Rush and Kinnickinnic Rivers. The setting is wonderfully rural with miles of accessible water. While being different in character, they both offer excellent opportunities for trout anglers of all abilities to catch naturally reproducing trout on flys. I have been guiding the aforementioned rivers since 1997 and whether you’re a first time fly angler who is looking for instruction or a seasoned expert who is looking for a place to go I can customize a trip for you.

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