July 2011 Fishing Report

I was every bit as hot as the fishing. In fact, I thought I was having a stroke. Fortunately my medical background provided the necessary assurance that it would be virtually impossible to have a simultaneous embolic event affecting both hemispheres of the brain. No, I was just dehydrated and both arms decided to stop working at the same time. Rowing the drift boat became difficult with all the muscles that attach to my elbows locked up in cramps. I decided to let my clients catch a few more fish before I let on that I was slightly hampered. What I really needed was a couple liters of IV fluids. Since these are not a staple of my first aid kit I would have to drink my way out of this predicament. A gallon of water later I felt better.

Did I mention that the month of July was hot? So has the fishing. The St.Croix has been blessed with near perfect water levels all summer where neighboring Rivers have been high and unfishable. So far the St.Croix has been able to handle the extra fishing pressure. For those of you who are still chasing Trout, the Trico’s are now hatching on both the Rush and Kinnickinnic