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St.Croix Valley Float Trips for Smallmouth Bass

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I’ve been guiding the St. Croix for two decades and have found that a full day trip is the best way to experience this fantastic fishery. I provide lunch, beverages, and all the necessary equipment whether it be fly or conventional gear.

Bass Fishing Trip Cost*


*Price includes up to two anglers / A percentage of proceeds from every trip benefit the St. Croix River Association

About St. Croix Bass Fishing Trips

This has become a very popular activity in the past decade for a good reason. The St. Croix River is among the top Smallmouth Bass Rivers in the country and it is Minnesota’s only river with a "National Wild and Scenic" River designation. Together this makes for an unbeatable combination of scenery, wildlife and fishing all within a short distance of the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

The majority of the float trips take place on what is otherwise known as the "canoe water" of the St. Croix River. Canoes, while being wonderful vessels to paddle down a river are difficult to fish from. This is why I have gone to the use of an ultra quiet drift boat to pursue Bass that have a real propensity to stage in "skinny" water. Drift boats are unparalleled for their maneuverability in shallow water and for the comfort in which one can stand up and cast. For those who have done any amount of Bass fishing know that catching them on surface presentations is by far and above the most exciting method of capture. Unfortunately, in most Bass fishing venues this opportunity only exists for short periods in each day. The St.Croix River however is truly a unique fishery that offers great top-water fishing all day long, even during the middle of the afternoon on bright sunny days.

The St. Croix has over a hundred miles of "drift-able" water and I am familiar with most of it. With that being said, my clients and I spend the majority of our days drifting a couple floats that only my service utilizes. The fishing pressure is light and more often than not we have the water to ourselves. The best time to take a float trip down the river is just when the rest of the anglers are out on any 1 of the 10,000 lakes, June through September.