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Minnesota Muskie Fishing Trips from St. Croix Valley Adventures!
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St.Croix Valley Muskie's The Final Frontier

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Oh yeah baby! It can happen, when it does you have joined a very exclusive club whose members have pulled off the most difficult feat in North American freshwater angling, catching a Musky with fly-fishing gear. Many of the individuals who belong to this fraternity caught that particular fish from a drift boat fishing a river in either Minnesota or Wisconsin. That’s right; the St.Croix is one of several rivers in the region that collectively constitute ground zero for this type of fishing.

A float trip that specifically targets Musky and/or Northern pike is Identical to float trip for Smallmouth Bass. In fact, many float trips can be modified to target both species. There are some differences in habitat and definitely differences in the gear used. Fishing for Muskie’s requires the use of heavier fly rods and of course, larger flys. I find that that the limiting factor for most anglers is the inability to cast a 9, 10 or even an 11 weight fly rod for any length of time. We certainly have landed our share of Muskie’s on Bass sized fly rods, but in order to target the larger fish one must be comfortable with larger fly rods and have the ability to accelerate the fly line with the non-casting hand, i.e. single/double haul. The season for Muskie’s is identical to that of Smallmouth Bass with the addition of the month of October. As with all the trips I offer, all equipment can be provided including lunch and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you're up for the challenge, I can help make it happen.

Muskie Fishing Trip Cost*


*Price includes up to two anglers / A percentage of proceeds from every trip benefit the St. Croix River Association

Muskie Fishing Trips Historical Footnote

A long time ago, prior to picking up my first fly-rod, my obsession with Muskie’s bordered on madness and I spent 4 years fishing in Southern Ontario every chance I got. I was fortunate to land some very large fish on conventional gear. I caught my first Musky on a fly rod in 1996, about a decade before this endeavor became a popular fly-fishing quest.